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October 4, 2013


A new video just came out featuring Rick DuCharme and First Coast No More Homeless Pets. It is an inspiring story how Rick and his organization are leading the way to No Kill in Duval County (Jacksonville) Florida and the surrounding counties. Through FCNMHP's outreach efforts, Target Zero Institute is mentoring communities nationwide to achieve the same success.


We are very fortunate to have a close relationship with FCNMHP and for SPCA of Brevard to be a participant in the TZI program. This relationship and mentoring is how the SPCA of Brevard Community Mega Adoption Events are becoming reality in cooperation with Brevard County Animal Services. No-Kill in Brevard County is no longer a dream - it is a reality.  Enjoy the video and send it to all your friends!




September 20, 2013  3:15 pm


SPCA 2014 Mega Adoption Update- Making Brevard County "No-Kill" 

Share Our Vision

• Help save the lives of 2,000 cats and dogs that will be euthanized at County shelters in 2014

• SPCA of Brevard is producing four Mega Adoption Events in 2014

• Approximately 500 “at risk” cats and dogs will be pulled from County shelters in the eight weeks prior to each event

• These “at risk” animals need temporary foster homes for the chance of survival

• Foster caregivers will have full support from SPCA and other organizations 

• We will need hundreds of Event volunteers


We had a productive meeting on 9-18-13, with 15 of 16 Committee Members in attendance. The required dialog between Brevard Animal Services and Enforcement (BASE) management and SPCA staff was initiated to accommodate the flow of hundreds of new and established temporary foster caregivers, picking up animals at BASE. A meeting of the Foster Caregiver Development Team is scheduled for Monday 9-23-13 at SPCA in Titusville. The very successful Foster Caregiver program in Austin, TX and the current SPCA Foster Program will be used as models. The following Committee Members will be in attendance.

Jewely Sanchez - SPCA Foster Coordinator
Kathy Beatson - BASE Asst Director
Fred Allen - SPCA Mega Adoption Event Coordiantor
Susan Naylor - SPCA Media
Kris Dickey - SPCA Volunteer Coordinator
Veronica LaVista - SPCA Education
Debra Cantwell - SPCA Adoption Coordinator

The Marketing Team will meet on Tuesday 9-24-13 at SPCA in Titusville. Susan Naylor has finalized the SPCA Mega Adoption logo and the SPCA "Share Our Vision" Foster Caregiver recruitment message, that will be used for flyers, Facebook postings, web sites, emails, etc. The Tuesday meeting will focus on a general plan for the anticipated marketing budget for the January 2014 event and the campaign to recruit Foster Caregivers and Event Volunteers. The following Committee Members will be in attendance. 

Susan Naylor - SPCA Media
Teri Scott - SPCA Public Relations
L J Granger - SPCA Board Member
Fred Allen - SPCA Mega Adoption Event Coordinator

In consultation with Pat Fox, Fred Allen is preparing the 2014 Mega Adoption Plan and Budget grant request for submission to Petsmart Charities via Rick DuCharme - TZI Institute. The package will be presented to the SPCA Board for approval at the SPCA Board Meeting on Tuesday 9-24-13.

Cameron Moore with First Coast No More Homeless Pets- Jax, Event Coordinator for Jacksonville Mega Adoption Events (the largest in the Nation) is being contacted for detailed information on mega adoption procedures, number of event volunteers, etc 

SPCA personnel is contacting certified dog trainers to staff mega adoption events for counseling with new adoption parents.

Brevard ASAP will provide vet counseling to new pet owners at all Mega Adoption Events. 

Foster recruitment will be pursued through, but not limited to the following methods:

a. SPCA Thrift stores
b. Integrate with SPCA Education program
c. Integrate with all SPCA activities and events
d. BASE will solicit all County employees

Susan Naylor is preparing a dedicated web page with a unique URL for the SPCA 2014 Mega Adoption Program. This web page will contain detailed information for Foster sign-up, event volunteer sign-up, and venue information

The next general meeting for all Committee Members of the SPCA Mega Adoption Event Planning Committee is set for Wednesday, 10-2-13, at SPCA in Titusville. 

2014 SPCA Mega Adoption Event Dates and Venues

January 25, 26 Azan Shriners Center - Melbourne - 7,400 sq.ft Objective - 225 cat adoptions / 125 dog adoptions = 350

May 31 - June 1 Melbourne Auditorium - Melbourne - 16,000 sq.ft Objective - 455 cat adoptions / 245 dog adoptions = 700

July 26, 27 Melbourne Auditorium - Melbourne - 16,000 sq.ft Objective - 455 cat adoptions / 245 dog adoptions = 700

October 25, 26 Eau Gallie Civic Center - Melbourne - 8,000 sq.ft Objective: - 225 cat adoptions / 125 dog adoptions = 350

Grand Total: 2,100 adoptions 

SPCA Mega Adoption Planning Committee Members 

Pat Fox SPCA Executive Director
Karla Torpy Brevard Animal Services Director
Fred Allen SPCA Mega Adoption Event Coordinator

Dr. Robbie Asher B.A.S.E. Veterinarian
Kathy Beatson B.A.S.E. Assistant Director
Debra Cantwell SPCA Adoption Coordinator
Kris Dickey SPCA Volunteer Coordinator
Terri Dyer No Kill Brevard
L J Granger SPCA Board Member
Paula Hunter B.A.S.E. Shelter Manager
Jennifer L. Kerr B.A.S.E. Volunteer Coordinator
Veronica LaVista SPCA Education
Susan Naylor SPCA Media
Jewely Sanchez SPCA Foster Coordinator
Teri Scott SPCA Public Relations Director
Renee Smart SPCA Board Member



September 8, 2013   2:00 pm


The first meeting of the SPCA Mega Adoption Committee took place at SPCA in Titusville on September 4, 2013. The meeting agenda was organizational in nature, however several good ideas were raised by Committee members on various aspects of the Mega Adoption Plan.  It was agreed the Mega Adoption Events shall consist of at least 65% cats and 35% dogs. Our marketing will have a stronger emphasis on cat adoptions. Approximately 70% of B.A.S.E. intake cats and 30% of dogs are killed.  


The Committee is comprised of several  SPCA key personnel, SPCA Director Pat Fox, Brevard Animal Services Director Karla Torpy, Fred Allen - Florida No Kill, several key Brevard Animal Services management personnel and other animal welfare leaders. The complete list of Committee members will be published soon. The next meeting will be held on September 18, 2013.


The Melbourne Auditorium has tentatively been booked for two events; May and July 2014.  We expect to have a venue booked for the1st and 4th Quarter 2014 events in the next couple of weeks.


The most critical issue that must be resolved is the formation of a large foster network to care for 400 to 500 animals in the two to six weeks prior to each mega adoption event. These animals will be pulled from Brevard County Animal Shelters which will virtually stop the euthanasia deaths of adoptable and treatable animals during that period. Much larger foster networks are being studied elsewhere in the Nation for guidance in developing the Brevard Mega Adoption Foster Network.





Aug 27, 2013 6:00 pm



The SPCA of Brevard - Board of Directors, voted on August 27, 2013, to approve a Brevard County-wide  Mega Adoption Event Plan for 2014, submitted by Fred Allen of Florida No Kill.


The Plan provides for the production of four major events to be held in each Quarter of 2014 in Brevard County with the goal of adopting 500 "at risk" cats and dogs at each event.


Major funding and sponsorship will be sought from national grant makers as well as local corporations. Target Zero Institute and First Coast No More Homeless Pets of Jacksonville, FL, will provide additional support. The venue and dates will be announced shortly.


Shelter organizations and local rescue groups will be asked to participate with the provision that animals who are "at risk" of being euthanized, be pulled from Brevard County shelters in the weeks prior to each event or "at risk" animals be pulled after the event to fill vacancies created by adoptions of animals that are not "at risk".


County wide recruitment will begin in the next few months for event volunteers and short term foster caregivers to support these ambitious events.


The goal is to stop the euthanasia deaths of 2,000 adoptable and treatable animals in 2014. This will cut the current death rate by nearly 50%. Brevard can be considered a "No-Kill" County if euthanasia deaths are reduced to less than 1,000 per year at the current intake level (at least a 90% Live Release Rate).


Our goal is to reach at least 90% Live Release Rate for the year 2015.


Fred Allen will be the SPCA Event Coordinator for these events in cooperation with Pat Fox, Director of SPCA. Updates will be posted at  and






Aug 2, 2013 4:36pm


The Brevard Mega Adoption Event Leadership Committee met on August 1, 2013, to plan the next "Rescue Me" Mega Adoption Event in Brevard. The three major shelter organizations have committed to bringing 130 dogs and 180 cats for a total of 310 pets. Our goal is to achieve 250 adoptions during a two day event to be held in late 2013. Further details will be announced as we progress towards finalizing this event, which will be the largest adoption event in the history of Brevard County.

Committee members:
Pat Fox - Executive Director - SPCA of Brevard
Sherri Binggeli - President - Brevard ASAP
Fred Allen - Florida No Kill
Theresa Clifton - Executive Director - Central Brevard Humane Society
Karla Torpy - Director - Brevard County Animal Services



Aug 2, 2013 3:38pm



We are back after three days of training in Jacksonville with Target Zero Institute. Fred Allen - Florida No Kill, Pat Fox - SPCA and Theresa Clifton - Central Brevard Humane represented Brevard County as one of the first TZI Fellows in the Nation. We have several hours of video from the TZI training that is being edited.
The last day culminated in observing the Jacksonville Mega Adoption Event. Another record was set with over 1,000 adoptions.

The Adoption Event video is completed. Check it out!






Hi Teresa,


Thank you for your email.


Florida No Kill is focusing on high volume mega adoption events. The three major Brevard shelter organizations have ongoing weekly adoption programs. The amount of time required to produce mega adoption events is quite considerable.


My focus is getting a large number of animals that are "at high risk" out of County shelters. In part, by producing high volume adoption events, once every quarter. With the goal of 500 adoptions each, we can open up kennel and cage space in the three major shelters. More high risk animals can be transferred to the two No Kill shelters after each event. This strategy will require an extensive foster network to care for shelter animals for a period of 30 to 90 days, prior to mega events, so we can build up the "inventory" of animals available for adoptions.


There is a very specific formula that produces the high attendance of potential adopters. We had over 500 potential adopters at the "Rescue Me" event on June 1. Unfortunately, only approximately 120 animals were available, 104 were adopted. 


We could have done 200 or 300 adoptions if we had the animals. No rescue groups were interested in participating in the June 1 event, mainly because of one element of the mega adoption formula; "same day adoptions". It appears, most of the Brevard rescue community will not forego home checks, vet checks etc.


I have spent considerable time talking with the producers of mega adoption events and the consensus is, you must do "same day adoptions" to achieve the high numbers. It costs money in marketing to draw hundreds of people to an adoption event. We cannot allow adoption providers to take three or four applications for one animal to select the best adopter after the event and possibly removing two or three potential adopters from the event.


The event marketing is geared towards creating a sense of urgency. People attend in great numbers with the expectation of going home with a new family member. SPCA has streamlined their 50 year old adoption process to accommodate  high volume adoptions.  The return rate for "Rescue Me" was about 12% with no reports of abuse. Most adopters received follow-up phone calls. Adoption providers are learning that you can discover more about a potential adopter by just having a scripted conversation with them. No Kill is about saving lives. The animals may have no chance to live if they are not adopted.


The rationale is:  even if one adoption goes bad out of 100 adoptions, we have saved 99 animals. The video on the Florida No Kill web site, portraying a former Kill shelter employee, attests, many of the animals about to be put to death, sense what is coming. They are terrified and some fight for their lives. No one wants to see a newly adopted animal being abused, but how can anyone justify not allowing the 99 animals a chance for life?   


I am planning a 250 adoption event in early December and four larger events in 2014. They will all be indoor events. We will address the lessons learned and make improvements as required.


In regards to your other excellent suggestions, I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, all of those initiatives take time, management and volunteers. I have my hands full working with TZI, the three major shelters and producing mega adoption events. Director Karla Torpy is working on a number of improvements at BASE. SPCA and CBHS are making improvements based on TZI recommendations.


Although, the County Commission would not endorse the TZI Plan at this time, Karla is forging ahead to achieve No Kill as quickly as possible. TZI personnel were in Brevard last week working with Central Brevard Humane Society. The three major shelter leaders and myself are meeting with Rick DuCharme and his staff on Monday, July 22. Pat Fox - SPCA, Theresa Clifton - CBHS and myself will be in Jacksonville for three days, next week for TZI training and to observe their mega adoption event next weekend.  


I am pleased the No Kill Conference was successful. I am scheduled to attend the October Best Friends Conference in Jacksonville. I believe all three major shelter leaders will also attend that event.


We are all players in the big picture of stopping the killing of cats and dogs in Brevard County.


I will post your email and my response on the Florida No Kill web site. Hopefully other volunteers will contact you for the information you brought back from the No Kill Conference. There is much information available. The key is implementing that information by taking action. 



Fred Allen
Cell - (321) 278-9916 Fax - (321) 305-5882
E-mail -
Mail: P.O. Box 237386 Cocoa, FL 32923

The Eleven Principles of the No-Kill Equation

1. Trap-Neuter-Return Program
2. High Volume, Low-Cost or Free Spay/Neuter
3. Rescue Groups
4. Foster Care
5. Comprehensive Adoption Programs
6. Pet Retention - Avoiding Owner Surrenders to Shelters
7. Medical and Behavior Prevention & Rehabilitation
8. Public Relations/Community Involvement
9. Proactive Redemptions
10. Volunteers
11. A Compassionate No Kill oriented Animal Control Director





In a message dated 7/21/2013 2:18:51 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Hello Mr. Allen:


Am I mistaken or are/were Florida No Kill and Animal Services putting all their eggs in one basket via mega-adoption events?  Perhaps consider more off-site adoption sites throughout the county throughout the week, rather than just the weekends?


Considering the ignorant decision of the BoCC, what other plans are in the works for Florida No Kill and Animal Services, following the No Kill Equation, such as Community Involvement/Public Relations (advertising maybe) Pet Retention (starting a Help Desk, something I am working on starting), recruiting more Foster homes and volunteers, etc.?


I was very disappointed that no one else from Brevard county attended the No Kill Conference besides myself and Susan Naylor with SPCA of North Brevard.  A wealth of information was, and still is, available.


Thank you for your time




(321) 537-3276

No Kill Brevard




6/8/13    Brevard No Kill leaders will once again meet with Rick Ducharme - Target Zero Institute, next week to hammer out details of the Brevard No Kill Plan.  TZI is comprised of National No Kill experts and brings a wealth of resources to assist Brevard to achieve No Kill by 2015.  Brevard County is the first location selected for participation in this nationwide program. Indianaplois, IN, has just become the second.  


6/8/13   7:12 AM   Channel 13 News


VIERA --  Brevard County's animal shelters are once again filled to capacity with cats and dogs, and they need help to find them homes. A shelter spokesperson said they took in almost 1,100 animals in May -- at least 200 more than usual. And 750 of those were cats or kittens.

The shelter is having a kitten special for June: buy one kitten for $70, get one free.

That includes spaying or neutering, shots, feline AIDS test and a Frontline flea treatment.

Dogs cost $80 to adopt, but include spaying or neutering, shots, heartworm test and flea treatment.

Brevard County Animal Services has two shelters: the South Animal Care Center is located on Eau Gallie Boulevard in Melbourne. The North Animal Care Center is on Flake Road in Titusville.

Both shelters are open noon to 6 p.m. daily, closed on Wednesdays.

To see a list of adoptable pets, head to the Brevard County Animal Services website



6/8/13    Live Release Rate for May 2013 using industry standard Asilomar Accords formula

Overall Rate for May 58.4%

By Species:

    Dogs 74.1%

    Cats 47.3%


Cumulative Live Release Rate this fiscal year is 59.6%  (this is the number we want to see get to 90%+)

Cumulative Live Release Rate last fiscal year at this time was 56.4%


For those who prefer to see it by numbers

Total Dogs and Cats for May:

Saved: 467

Killed: 428 (of which 96 were euth requests by owner)



Saved: 246

Killed: 150 (of which 86 were euth requests by owner)



Saved: 221

Killed: 278 (of which 32 were euth requests by owner)


Intake for May this year (2013): 1066

Intake for May last year (2012): 1033


(all data taken from animal services online data)


Save rates By Month for this fiscal year:


Oct:    49.6%

Nov:    53.1%

Dec:     57.9%

Jan:      66.8%

Feb:     65%

Mar:    68.1%

Apr:     62%

May:    58.4%


May was the lowest adoption rate for this fiscal year at 18.8%.

Rescue rate was very strong at 25.7% with the heavy hitters being cat rescues.


The GOOD NEWS: We are cumulatively doing 3.2% better than this time last year.


Lynn Miraglia - No Kill Statistician 


6/3/13        The SPCA had a fantastic day, the best adoption day in our history!  We adopted out 34 dogs, 8 kittens and 12 cats!  Many of the cats we got adopted were living in cages because they were either too stressed for cat rooms or did not warm up to other cats.  It was a remarkable event that we hope to repeat in the future.

Patrick M. Fox   Executive Director     321-269-0536, ext 224

6/3/13        The county is going to make this the cover story for its June/summer newsletter.​ We had 29 dogs and 18 kittens adopted from the shelters.  Even though we learned how we could do lots of things better, we’re ecstatic over the success of this event. Your staffs and volunteers were amazing.

Thank you all for your time, efforts, ideas, experience, energy and especially for believing and convincing others  that we could try something a little out of the ordinary and make a difference.  We make a great team – it’s been an honor and pleasure to work with you all.

Karla T. Torpy     Director, Brevard County Animal Services and Enforcement

2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Building A      Melbourne, FL  32940      321-633-2105

6/3/13      We adopted out 6 of the 8 dogs we brought to the event. A few were from the Paws & Stripes graduation on Thursday that had no room to go back to NACC or SACC and we were happy to take them and place them in homes from the event so quickly!

Theresa Clifton    Executive Director     Central Brevard Humane Society

1020 Cox Road     Cocoa, Fl 32926      (321) 636-3343 x204


6/1/13​        Rescue Me Community Adoption Event is a huge success.